It's go, go, go for the PROMISE study - green light given to start recruiting participants

The PROMISE study has received a lot of media attention this week as it opens to participant recruitment.

“This landmark trial provides evidence that a faecal transplant can improve gut health by modifying the gut microbiome and reduce ammonia levels in patients with cirrhosis. Initial findings from PROFIT are promising news for patients with chronic liver disease who are in desperate need of alternative treatment options.”

Professor Debbie Shawcross, Chief Investigator of the PROMISE trial

“Infections, especially resistant infections, are a death sentence to liver patients. Patients with chronic liver disease are often prescribed antibiotics, however, they are at high risk of multidrug-resistant infections. This is contributing to the global health crisis of antimicrobial resistance.”

Dr Lindsey Edwards, Co-investigator on the PROMISE trial


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