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Operation Ouch! Food, Poo, and You

The FMT laboratory at St Thomas’ hospital have provided the exhibition with a number of clinical specimens of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ gut bacteria. Go visit the exhibition to meet our Research Biomedical Scientist, Désirée Prossomariti, who heads up FMT manufacture in the unit. Click here to book tickets!

PROMISE trial open to recruitment

“This landmark trial provides evidence that a faecal transplant can improve gut health by modifying the gut microbiome and reduce ammonia levels in patients with cirrhosis. Initial findings from PROFIT are promising news for patients with chronic liver disease who are in desperate need of alternative treatment options.” Professor Debbie Shawcross, Chief Investigator of the PROMISE […]

Guardian article on 20th March 2023

To my fellow travellers, I’m sure the package I’m carrying looks like a lunchbox. Circular, and dark blue, with a Tupperware-style lid, it is precisely the kind of vessel you’d transport a soup or salad in. I’ve even sealed it inside a freezer bag, to contain any leaks. Or smells. I walk slowly and with […]